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"You can't make something beautiful with force". Bulgarian

A journey to ourselves is the best journey we will ever go.

The way we grow up and what we go through in our lives affect our way of thinking. It influences the way we look at the whole world and how we perceive ourselves.

Hence, raising our awareness about ourselves or our situation

is the number one step toward any change.

No amount of external advises or forces will have the right influence on us if we do not have the internal desire and motivation.

"You can't make something beautiful with force". Bulgarian

The purpose of any type of developmental process and trans-formative teaching is to increase awareness!

Awareness of ourselves, our situation and our life!

Professional coach come from a place that believes all people are whole, capable, and resourceful.

He\she creates the perfect environment for the person to express their feelings and go through their past experiences to help them learn more about their current situation so that they know:

- Where they are in life at the moment.

‐ What their hidden desires are.

‐ And Why they feel what they feel!

“Every decision we make and every action we take is based on our level of awareness at any given moment".

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