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Five steps that will help you moving on with peace in the heart.

Breakups often feel like the end, because our identity is totally wrapped up in what we have lost.

It’s not that we miss the person we used to be in a relationship with, but that we miss the fantasy of who we thought they were.

How to put ourselves in the right path again?

First Acceptance

"When we learn to accept instead of expect! We will have fewer disappointments".

- Accept everything happens for a reason & that you need to work on yourself.

- Accept people can hide who they really are & it is not your fault that they were the way they were.

Feel it, the feeling that you do not want to feel!

Feel it to heal it & become free!

“What you resist persists, what you look at disappears".

Third Learn & Understand

Ask yourself: What’s good about what happen? How it can help you to become better, & more resourceful?

"Look for the answer inside your question".

Fourth Change your story

When you come out of the storm, proceed with your life as a survivor not a victim.

Fifth Focus on yourself

Do what’s necessary to get yourself into a peak state emotionally, mentally., & the right person will show up in the right way & time.

"Align with love and tap into abundance".

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