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Seven signs you are really a high value person~.

You know why you are here on this earth therefore you know what you want out of life & you are busy doing your best.

You have no time to waste.

You never compromise your values.

You always choose your thoughts & actions based on values rather than a personal gain.

You have integrity.

You never treat yourself less than others & you never put anyone on a pedestal.

You believe we are all unique & everyone has something special to offer.

You never beg or force someone to be in your life.

You just invite & it is up to them to stay or leave.

You never make someone a priority if you are only an option for them.

You have healthy boundaries & standards.

You never tolerate abuse, rudeness, & being taken for granted.

You do not need anyone or anything for validation or to feel happy.

You are content with yourself & with what you have. You will never go above and beyond just to prove your worth.

You treat everyone with respect exactly the same way you want to be treated.

In short, the differences between people are in the standards they hold themselves to!

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