Sat, Aug 08
Video Conferencing (Zoom)
Swagger or chivalry! What do women really want?!
In this coming free webinar, we are going to discuss what women are naturally attracted to in a man and what manly's traits that every woman is looking for!
Sat, Jun 20
Video Conferencing (Zoom)
Master The Art of Negotiation
In this coming webinar, we are going to discuss the art of negotiation in (Business – Relationships – Career) and how to get the terms you want.
Wed, Jun 03
Video Conferencing (Zoom)
Rekindle your relationship or move on?
In this coming webinar, we are going to discuss how to decide whether your relationship has run its course therefore you have to leave or what to do reignite the spark again in the relationship. Please send your questions about this topic to Info@theurbanwoman.be or info@mousacoaching.com
Thu, May 21
Video Conferencing (Zoom)
Job Interview; How to Win?!
In this coming free webinar we are going to discuss the common mistakes that candidates used to do and how to answer the common interview questions successfully and maximize your chance of getting the job you want.
Sat, May 02
Video Conferencing (Zoom)
How to attract a Man and not a boy!
How can women see very quickly if she is dealing with a man or a boy? In this coming webinar, I am going to discuss and highlight what women should look for whenever she starts any communication with a potential partner.


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