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The Beauty of Pain

Are you ready to unlock your power from your pain?  

Pain itself is not the enemy; the enemy is how we choose to deal with it. 

Our choices can amplify our pain, causing us to feel much worse.  

Studies have shown that a healthy person experiences 7 to 9 emotions, not just one - no matter how beautiful life is. 

Depression, fear, anger and sadness can be our friends. When we accept them and know how to deal with them, we can unlock a tremendous power from within ourselves. 

Al Rumi used to say, "let your heart get broken many times, or else how will it be able to open". 


Painful experiences and emotions are critical contributing factors that lead us to the person we are meant to be.   

The Beauty of Pain

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing: 

  • A painful breakup.

  • Lack emotional control.

  • Exploding with anger at minimal triggers. 

  • Feeling broken for a long time and unable to collect your pieces.

  • Low self-esteem.

  • Burnout.

  • A devastating loss and the inability to recover.  

  • Fear of not reaching your potential.

  • Lack of love and appreciation. 

  • Loss of family bond or lack of connection with family members.

Then this book is right for you!  

 Young Woman Contemplating

Mousa has transformed his pain into power to help guide his life to a better state of mind and a new perspective.


In The Beauty of Pain, he shares this guidance, step by step, to help readers transform their lives too and to find their inner power!   

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