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"You do not have to prove nothing to nobody"!

In a world that is full of people who change or mask who they really are, authentic people who have come alive on the inside are a rare occurrence.

Men & women both mistakenly think that they need to prove themselves!

They wearing masks to hide their authentic selves due to fear of rejection. This fear stems from the idea that they are not good enough and because of that they will not be accepted as they are.

It is demeaning & disrespectful for yourself to try to prove yourself to anybody.~

You deserve people who would jump fences to be with you, not people who are building fences to keep you away.

"The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.” Craig G

You don't need someone to complete you. You alone are whole & enough exactly the way you are.

You only need someone to accept you completely. Oh, by the way~!

"When you accept yourself, the world will accept you".

When you realize there is nothing lacking within yourself, you will never seek people's validations or approval.

That moment, you will not be worried about losing or gaining something.

You will speak your truth!

Believing in our own value without comparisons creates a vibe of confidence, certainty, & attractiveness.

Remember, we are here to express not to impress~!

The perpetual happiness is not associated with something we own! It is associated with who we really are.

Just do what’s necessary to get yourself into a peak state emotionally, mentally, physically & what you perceive to be missing from your life will eventually manifest in your life in the right way & time~.

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