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What you don't know about women!

Media has influenced the relationships between men & women in very bad way! Many men think women are crazy, materialistic or never satisfied. They might have valid reasons because what women say they want and what they naturally respond to, are totally two different things. Therefore, many men play games & change who they really are in the hopes women will like them. They become more sensitive, weak and unsure of themselves. They chase, plead and act like needy pleasers who are afraid to rock the boat thinking this is what women want! What is the result! Women are still not satisfied & most men keep scratching their head wondering what do women really want?! Whether you are in a long term relationship or you are looking for one, join us in our coming webinar! #Title: What you don't know about women! We are going to connect the dots for you and highlight very important secrets that will help you remove the confusion and understand woman perfectly~! More than that you will be able to read between the lines and predict their actions! #Time: 8:30 PM Dubai time - 4:30 PM GMT - 11:30 ET Time

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