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Love when you are ready not when you are lonely~.

"Being single is not going to kill you & being in a relationship is not going to heal you". Until you get comfortable with being who you really are, you will never know if you are choosing something out of love or neediness. People get into relationships without knowing exactly what they are looking for! It just happened! No wonder why there are many broken or unhealthy relationships. Yes, it is hard to find happiness within ourselves but it is impossible to fine it anywhere else. “A healthy relationship is the result of two people sharing their completeness, not completing each other." People who value themselves are not attached to specific expectations & outcomes. They are happy either way! Attachment to specific feeling we want to feel with certain people create suffering & prevent us from accepting ourselves & our reality. What people say they want & what they naturally respond to are totally two different things. Before you jump into a new relationship... Before you are defined by someone else, define who you are first. Save yourself time & pain by enjoying your own company. Love when you are ready not when you are lonely. Wish you a great weekend. Video:

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