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"Life responds to deserve and not to need".

They took a young man to the jail just because they could not force him to do what they want!

In the same day, two other men joined him there! One of them was not guilty, the other one, yes he was!

After few days, they executed one of them while the second one was crying and pleading, so they released him to be the slave of the king.

But the young man was calm, and sure of himself. He was wise and has a dignity!

To destroy his values, they asked him to admit something he has never done in order to be released, but he refused to compromise!

As a result, he stayed 7 years in the jail!

But finally they begged him to leave the jail to be their leader!

Because they were in need of his expertise! Do you know who is this young man?

Moral of the story~

If we see others are getting something but we are not, don't panic!

Not every solution (quick fix) is good, and not every delay is a bad thing.

The delay means our time has not come yet, or we are not ready for it therefore we just need to prepare more and more and what we want is coming for sure!

If we know our worth we will not compromise our values for anything less.

"Life responds to deserve and not to need".

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