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Distance doesn't separate people, silence does!

When people are angry, they shout!

When they are calm, they speak.

But when they form love, they whisper…

Men who don't understand women think they are crazy, materialistic or never satisfied! But men who understand women will never argue with them. They will communicate in a loving mature way.

Woman becomes grouchy when she feels hurt, unloved & unopened emotionally by her man.

She feels he doesn't dig deep enough to find out what’s really wrong.

Because if he really did he’d show it through his actions.

Even if she says "I am fine", it is her way to see if you care enough to know~.

Women solve their problems through talking while men tend to hide in their man cave & they like to be left alone.

Men always try to solve women's problem whenever they hear their complains. But most of the time they want you to listen unless they asked for your opinion.

Don't try to win an argument, even if you win, you’ll lose.

When she brings up things from the past that you thought they were already resolved,

She is simply saying: You hurt me now in the same way you did in the past.

Do not take it personally!

Women use relational examples to communicate their feelings.

It takes two who have mutual interest & respect to start any relationship and make it works.

It means, both of them place a high value on keeping the relationship and are willing to communicate; listen, and understand each other to work things out in a calm and loving manner.

In relationships, when communications start to fade, everything else follows.

Give your woman your full attention & get her to express what she feels freely. Treat her like a queen and be her rock.

Give your man a space whenever he needs, to figure out his purpose. He loves when you challenge him to achieve more. Be his cheerleader!

"The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding".

Don't you agree?

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