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“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

I used to say I always get what I want, but I was wrong I am sorry! I have realized lately I always get what I want or better! Some of us get frustrated when things do not follow their way! No! Not everything should go your way! Because you might get what you want but you might also lose what you are capable of. Sometimes in the waves of change & loss we find our true direction. We have to lose our way so that we start searching and discovering again! So that when we get out from that storm we will be having different expectations & visions. We do not need to define exactly what we want, we just need to define the feeling we desire. Be open to receive good feeling & guess what? The universe will surprise you! Don't you love surprises? Never be attached to specific outcomes. You do not know what is waiting for you out there. The less attached you are, the happier you become. Taking action towards what we want in life is the best way to reduce our fear of the future & what may or may not go our way. The only sign of life is motion! “Move, but don't move the way fear makes you move"! Move like a great river~.

Video by (Instagram): bestpartofworld

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