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What you tolerate tends to grow.

"Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care".

Yes it is really hard when you know you have to leave, but you can't because you are waiting for the impossible to happen.

Some people will never change however hard you try.

Not every job, friend, or lover are meant to accompany you throughout your whole life journey.

Some will only be with you for a short period of time.

Love & respect demand a mutual effort.

Do not wait till you can't take it anymore~

What you tolerate tends to grow~.

The day you start to wonder if you deserve better, you really do.

Life is too short to wait for people to act right.

People who have high standards, a high self-esteem, who value themselves, will never tolerate abuse, rudeness, being taken for granted.

The purpose of all work and intimate relationships is to go there to give~.

To share our value and grow to become more.

Therefore, to create a healthy lifestyle, you must not tolerate anything that is not aligned with your goals, values and desires.

"What you observe you participate"

Responds to everything that excites your soul & always go where you feel alive more.

Don't you agree?

Video source: A Tale Of Momentum & Inertia.

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