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They keep ignoring you? Do this~

Until you believe you have options, you'll continue to feel stuck~

Most people are making life choices from a position of scarcity and fear! Therefor they suffer!

“No answer is also an answer”.

If they did not respond to you, take it as No and move to the next.

"There is a bus every 15 minutes".

You should be happy seeing such behaviors before joining any environment or getting into any relationship.

Staying fixated on one opportunity or in a situation where you are unappreciated is not called loyalty; it is called breaking your heart.

When recruiters, people or friends treat you like you are just one of many options, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation.

Most people do not care what your life situation is! They care about what you are going to bring to their table. This is the reality~

Put your own standards and look to the environments that match them, do not be random! Keep circulating.

Know your power~

Power is knowing your limits, who you really are, and acting accordingly~

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