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Strong woman intimidates boys, but excites the real men~

A man who lives and speaks his truth without fear will never be intimidated by anyone or anything.

He is confident, centered and authentic.

"The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him".

Feminine woman is attracted to a masculine man who has the strength to stand up for himself, protect her and loves her unconditionally.

A man who creates a healthy environment where his family feels safe and comfortable enough to relax, and willingly submit to follow his lead.

Weak men play games, pretend to be just friends and hide their true intentions as they do not have the strength to be themselves.

Confident men speak their truth~

When they have interest in a woman, they express their interest politely without any fear of rejection.

If she has same interest, they reciprocate~

If not, they move on~.

They control their emotions therefore they don't force themselves or act unworthy~.

Only weak men wants weak women!

"Strong man does not look for a princess in need of saving. They search for a queen willing to fight by their side".

Don't you agree?

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