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Sometime life does not make sense~.

20 years ago. The university director rejected my application saying: “There is no available seat for you. We are full”~

I smiled and I told him it is my father’s dream to get into this university and I will!

He said: There is a college 500 Km far from here and If you pass the first year I will find you a seat~

Deal! Challenge accepted~

One year later I took my grades to him and I took my seat!

Now I know why I had to suffer that year!

It helped me to understand life in different way and to become more independent~

Sometime life does not make sense to us and the Universe is under no obligation to explain!

Many people are complaining because no one give them what they want; a chance! A relationship! A job!

Who is going to give you that & why they will?

No amount of begging or wanting something will help you getting what you want.

This is the reality!

"In business as in life you do not get what you deserve, you get only what you negotiate”.

Accept it is your responsibility and work on yourself first! Be in charge of your destiny otherwise someone else will control it for you!

Never beg for a job, a relationship or even an attention!

Be the price! Be the attention~

Do you agree?

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