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She called me back~

A recruiter called me for an interview a while ago.

After having set of interviews, she said: "I will get back to you".

She called me a month later saying: “I am sorry for being late. I had an emergency leave because of family issues”.

I asked her immediately: “How is your family now?" She explained what she has been through for few minutes! And I was just listening!

She ended the call saying: "Thank you very much for listening to me, really appreciate that and regarding the position they have chosen someone else because they think you are overqualified!"

Cool I wish him the best~

Three months later, she called me telling me she has found something that matches more my qualifications and she is inviting me for an interview!

Moral of story;

- If they did not call back, do not take it personally; maybe they have an issue getting back to you.

- Never burn a bridge, keep your communication lines open.

- Accept you might not be the right fit for that position and work in getting better.

- Always be kind, people appreciate kindness.

- If they did not choose you, it means something better coming to you in the way.

I have great experience with recruiters simply because I choose where to apply and you should do the same.

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