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"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go~".

One of human needs is certainty. It's a survival instinct.

People want to be certain about everything to avoid pain and stay in peace therefore they always try to force the rose to bloom before its time.

That is why many of us get frustrated when things do not follow their way!

We can't control what life has planned for us, but we always can control how we react.

Our ability to remain positive & optimistic is directly proportional to our ability to assign positive meanings to the circumstances & events of our life.

When we "keep our faces toward the sunshine, shadows will always fall behind".

Direct your mind to focus on good things so that your brain has no other choice but to come up with good meanings.

"What if I fall? Oh but what if you fly?!"

Ask yourself:

What’s good about this? How can this help you to become better, more balanced & more resourceful?

"Look for the answer inside your question".

You can't win the world with a negative mind. The real war is inside.

Things might not go as you planned, but they will always end up as they should.

“The quality of our life is the quality of where we live emotionally”.

Don't you agree?

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