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"Learn to hide your need and show your skills".

A recruiter called me few days ago without me applying.

She took my profile to the internal company system to check the open positions and see if there is what matches my qualifications.

Then she called me to discuss my interest in some of positions she found and she emailed the local recruiters to follow up with me as she is located in different region!

It is good to have options in life and until you believe that, you'll continue to feel stuck.

Never trick yourself into thinking you did everything you could~

Sharing your CV as a post or emailing & connecting randomly might get you something but often time it will not!

"If you want a different result, make different choice".

Never bury yourself in your daily routine and then wondering why you have no options! Don't waste your time updating your CV or listing your skills.

Don't talk, act.

Don't say, show.

Don't promise, prove.

"Learn to hide your need and show your skills".

As a wise man once told me: Success is just showing up and doing the right things & let the universe surprise you!

"Present yourself always as who you would be and that is the person the world will see". Don't you agree?

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