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How to contact recruiters effectively and get a response?

It is easy to contact recruiters but it is not easy to get a response!

Do you know why?

Simply because recruiters receive a tremendous amount of emails and CVs daily and most of the job seekers do not know how to contact them effectively!

How to get a response? Here are some tips:

- First, take your time to know exactly what type of job and company you want. Create a list and be specific.

- Then check their websites to see if there is what you are looking for. Be selective.

- Adjust your resume to show your skills that matches the job description. Show how your experience is related to their job then apply. Be Focused.

- When you contact a recruiter, don’t say: “Check my CV & tell me if you have something for me"; trust me they don't have time to do that!

- Avoid useless questions like: Hi! How are you? Where are you from? Do you have Openings?

- Send them something like this: "I have applied for this "job" & I think I have the skill set for this position". Be clear in your intent.

- Build your network and professional relationships with people working in the same companies. Get them to refer you to the job.

- Show your value and people who value what you have will get in touch!

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