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"A man can not be comfortable without his own approval".

Boys run to their moms. Men hold their ground~.

Men are not soft~.

A man who lives and speaks his truth without fear will never be intimidated by anyone or anything.

He is strong, confident and sure of himself even when everything around are not going as expected.

He maintain his emotional center all the time.

Masculine man creates a healthy environment and no matter what is going in his life, he never loses his optimism about his future therefore his family feels safe and comfortable.

He is a winner not a whiner!

Women respect "a man who wears his soul on his face", he does what is right, even if it leads to upset others.

He is not a pleaser~

Woman is always going to test your strength to see what you are made of!

Do not take it personally!

God created her this way to help you becoming the person you meant to be.

"Woman is a ray of God. She is a mystery to guide a wise and open man". Rumi

"A man can not be comfortable without his own approval".

Don't you agree?

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