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Do you remember?

Do you remember when you were once a child, you would scream louder than anyone in the room and then suddenly, as if nothing happened, you were back playing peacefully?

It seems as though you were applying the “feel it to heal it” rule! But you had no idea what it means at that moment.

Do you remember when you fell asleep wherever you felt without any worries? It seems you knew tomorrow was another day and that it would bring with it more joy.

Do you remember when you got mad at your friends because of silly things but the next day you shared your meal with them at school! It seems you knew that everyone makes mistakes and that true love meant forgiveness.

What happened to that child?

Did he/she loses their smile somewhere between stress and worries?

The stress caused from trying to force flowers to bloom before their time. Worries from focusing on the future and losing focus on the present.

We are constantly teaching kids how to behave and yet they are the ones teaching us how to live life and be in the moment.

Each of us are a set of emotions and it is healthy to express and feel each one without hesitation. This process aids our self-development and gives us the ability to understand life more.