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I have an Interview! OMG!!

I have an Interview! OMG!!

If we seek interview advice on the internet or via experts, we will find many contrasting things to do!

Sometimes people get too much advice, and they end up losing themselves completely.

Therefore they lose their chance!

Most of the candidates forget in somehow these interviewers are human too!

The best way to start any interaction with anyone is by listening!

Be yourself and get them to open to you by asking good questions about their work and life challenges!

This will build a common ground between you and them therefore they will not feel you are just a candidate; you are a potential friend too.

Be authentic and accept the results that you might get.

You may get the job; if not you get the experience that prepares you for the next opportunity.

"There is a bus every 15 minutes".

Everyone has a great value to offer, we should never forget that!

With this mindset, we never lose!

“Confidence is preparation; everything else is beyond your control".


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