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Attraction is not a choice~!

We can’t control whom we find attractive!

It is something that is naturally handled by Nature.

People make decisions based on emotions and then use logic and reasons to justify~ People fall in love not knowing why or how.

It is very special mysterious feelings. “Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love”. Albert Einstein

People rarely buy what they need, they buy what they feel~.

People do not buy products, they buy emotions.

At the end: "Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings" Zig Ziglar."

Most of the companies do not hire for skills, they hire based on attitude & how you make them feel about you~.

Being yourself is all what it takes~

Don't waste your time pretending to be someone else.

Never try to say or do something just to impress.

It will come up as weird and it will not flow naturally.

Do and say what you truly feel and let the nature handle the rest~.

Believing in our own value creates a vibe of confidence, certainty, inevitability and attractiveness.

True self & passion attract! If we are true to ourselves, right people will be attracted to us, our services and our life effortlessly.

You attract what you are... Don't you agree?

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