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You want a Job? You cannot wait? Here are some tips for you!

You want a Job? You cannot wait? Here are some tips for you!

A friend of mine, Ali had around 50 interviews in 6 month!

He received all the types of responses from the recruiters and even he got some offers but they changed their mind last minute!

Today he told me he just signed the best offer and they cant wait for him to join! How he did that?

He did a great job in catching the recruiter’s eye! Therefor he gets this amount of interviews and attention!

Honestly if the recruiters did not notice us it is our fault! I am sorry!

Do the work, be persistent!

He has been through different environments therefore he knows what is out there! So this increases his expectations.

He had great relationships with recruiters and whenever they have opening they will reach out in future!

He had a great experience with different interviewers therefore he is ready to do his TV show. :p

Every Time he had interview, he learned something and he did better next time around "Repetition is the mother of the skill".

“There is nothing bad in life; everything happened for you has two meanings, good result you want or something you need to get the good result”.

If you think I can help you with your challenge, feel free to contact me and follow me for more! Tag me as well.

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