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You want a job? Yes. Cool, listen to me then!

I have been in touch with many recruiters and here are some tips for you.

Before you apply, know what you want, take your time to think. Be clear in your intent.

Adjust your CV in the way that states clearly what you are looking for, don't be generic!

When you contact the recruiter, don't say "check my CV and tell me if you have something for me"; trust me they don't have time to do that!

Instead, check their website first, and then say:

"I am really interested in this position". Be specific!

During the interview, don't forget to interview them too; they are checking if you are good enough for them, so you should do the same!

Be consistent, take all interviews as a learning experience that will promote you to something better, do not stay hanged up in one opportunity!

Whenever you see someone is looking for a job, help them by liking or commenting on their posts, they will do the same for you.

During shopping, you will not buy what covers you; you are buying what suits you! Do the same for your job!

They want someone who likes what he brings to the table and he has a growing attitude and mindset.

For more tips and if you think I can help you getting what you want, stay connected. I will do my best ^_*.

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