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You get what you negotiate

You want a job?! How can you get the job you want?

As I am signing my new challenge in few days, let me tell you a secret!

Hiring Managers they care about your qualification for sure!

But they care more about your attitude and how you are viewing yourself.

Are you confident? Are you really ready to learn?

How can you display your confident and your readiness?

I understand many people need a job to get some money to survive, but begging for a job or crying will not better your chance at all!

They do not care what your life situation is! They care about what you are going to bring to their table.

"In business as in life you do not get what you deserve, you get only what you negotiate”.

I have seen in my life, the day I accept losing something and being open to receive, in that moment I get something more special!

If you want to get something in life, “LEARN” how to get it and be ready for it.

Some people delude themselves saying we did everything we could but the reality they didn't.

Learn the rules of the game then play well.

Do not beg for the attention in life.

Be the price. Be the attention.

Build your life in a way that your name becomes your resume!

If you have some challenges in your life, get in touch, let me listen to you and follow me for more.

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