“Why should we hire you?” How to answer this question perfectly!

Interviews; “Why should we hire you?” How to answer this question perfectly!

Is it a tricky question?

If you answer this question perfectly you will be able to prove you are the best fit! How?

Simply they want to hire because they have a problem need to be solved and they want to solve it by hiring you!

So how to discover what they actually want?

The best way to know is by studying the job description!

Take your time before the interview and match your resume with their job description.

Draw the lines; see how your experience is related to their job.

Here are some tips for you:

Do not give them a vague answer saying “Because I am the best”

Prove you understand the role and their businesses and what they want to accomplish!

Give examples from your experience that you have been successful solving same problems.

Do not say because you need a job for money.

Do not tell them because you are hiring!

Do not say because you want to get some experience and then move to something better!

Do not tell them because your friends are working there.

In short, connect the dots for them and let them see you as a solution for their problem!

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