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Tell me who are you today?

My mom woke me up one day saying: "I guess you do not feel to wake up today"! I can not see your usual smile!

Me: 0_0

Mom: Yes, many people leave to work this way!

Some of them: lazy - complaining - they do not even feel to wake up!

But some leave as an eagle!

Full of energy, sharp, focused and ready to achieve.

He knows who he is, and what he wants therefore no time to complain!

He is busy reminding everyone he is the Eagle -The king of the sky!

"People will act consistently with how they view themselves to be, whether the view is accurate or not".

Tell me who are you today?

Me:" I am just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks!". ^_*

What about you, tell me who you are?!

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