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Seven traits that make you more attractive~.

First: Your smile.

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical~.

Your smile is the doorway to your heart, the place where love and self worth reside.

Second Your respect

How we make others feel tells a lot about us.

People with high self-esteem always treat people with respect & kindness exactly the same way they want to be treated.

Third Your listening

Attractive People "Listen with ears of tolerance! They see through the eyes of compassion! They speak with the language of love".

People love when we listen to them talking about themselves excitedly. This shows that we care~.

Fourth: Your confidence

Believing in your own value creates a vibe of confidence, certainty, and attractiveness.

Fifth: Your honesty

"Leadership boils down to five words: be true to your word".

Sixth: Your Mission

Attractive people have things in common; fearless mindset & sense of mission.

Having a purpose ignites the spark in our life & it gives us the power to be patient, and persistent.

Seventh Your Calmness

The quality of being free from agitation.

You do believe things might not go as you planned, but they will always end up as they should. You are in control of your emotions~.

Attraction is not a choice.

We cannot control whom we find attractive. It is something that is naturally handled by Nature.

Never waste your time pretending to be someone else. Never try to say or do something just to impress as it will appear weird and it will not flow naturally.

Speak what you truly feel and let nature handle the rest~.

Wish you a joyful weekend.

Read more in the eBook: The Beauty Of Pain.

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Salim Hamdouche
Salim Hamdouche
01 ก.ค. 2565

مرحبا أريد أن أغير العالم للافضل لقد نشأت هنا أنا أعرفه جيدا و أعرف ما علي فعله .

أنا سليم من الجزائر مخترع أول نظام طاقة نظيفة في العالم .هذا النظام يعمل تلقائيا و ينتج الطاقة مجانا و هو صديق البيئة و من شأنه الحد من الاحتباس الحراري .

إستقل تفرد بطاقتك المجانية لصناعتك في بيتك في متجرك في ورشتك الخاصة ، تخلص من التبعية و حصل على طاقتك الخاصة .

Hamdouche Salim

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