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Recruiters keep ignoring you? Do this!

I understand many people need a job to survive, but begging for a job will not better your chance at all!

They do not care what your life situation is! They care about what you are going to bring to their table.

Are you ready to walk away?

"In business as in life you do not get what you deserve, you get only what you negotiate”.

Many of us forget in somehow that we have the right to choose too.

If they did not respond to you, take it as No and move to the next.

"There is a bus every 15 minutes".

You should be happy seeing such behaviors before joining their environments.

“Ignoring” shows their values and what their environments looks like!

No one ever can disrespect you unless you allow them to!

Put your own standards and look to the environments that match them, do not be random!

Do not stay fixated on one opportunity; keep circulating, you will get it.

If they could not see your value, eventually others will do. Focus on getting better.

We should adopt this strong mindset as Emily Brett Oleg Cornelia & all my connections do!

Do not beg for the attention in life. Be the price. Be the attention.

Life is a negotiation! Rana Michael

If you follow what I teach, you will get what you want or better. I promise you :)

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