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Interviews; “Tell me about yourself”. How to answer this perfectly!

Interviews; “Tell me about yourself”. How to answer this perfectly!

Is it an easy question? Let us see! O_O

Most of the time, Interviewers ask you this question while having your resume in front of them!

So do you think they want you to tell them what is written there? They already know!

They ask you this question to see how you define yourself, how you communicate and how well you are prepared and confident of yourself!

If you answer this question perfectly you will be able to manage your interview the way you desire!

Here are some tips:

Do not tell them “what do you want to know”. This means you do not know what to say!

Do not take more than two minutes answering this question! Keep the answer brief and right to the point.

No need to detail every position you had. Instead, take your time before the interview and summarize each position in short lines.

Talk about the skills & experience that match their job description and why you are excited to have this job. Let them see you are exactly what they want.

No need to talk about personal life unless it is related to your career.

Talk about your journey in excited way; how you started & what you have learned along the way.

If you think I can help you with your challenge, contact me & follow me for more!

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