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Interviews : negative response or no response at all?

Interviews; negative response or no response at all?

Here are some tips for you.

Most of my recent connections and followers are recruiters and some of these recruiters are job hunters as well!

Most of the job seekers blame them for "negative response" and honestly it is not fair. It is not their fault.

Hiring managers interview as many candidates as they can. They are simply taking their time. At the end, one will be selected and others will be disappointed!

To save your time, do this:

- Learn how to communicate with recruiters in effective way.

- Be consistent, take all interviews as a learning experience that will promote you to something better, do not stay hanged up in one opportunity!

One of my connection, she had 15 interviews in 3 months!

Did she give up? Did she blame everyone?

She was persistent and she got what she wanted few days ago.

- Be ready for the interview, know the interviewer and what he is looking for. Be priority not an option!

- When you get rejected! Accept you are not ready for that job yet and work on it. Take responsibility!

At some point of our life, either we have what we want, or we have the excuses. It is our choice!

If you think I can help you getting what you want, let me listen to you and follow me for more!


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