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If you want recruiters to consider your profile, listen to me..

You want a job? If you want recruiters to consider your profile, listen to me

I have been doing a tour between profiles, and here are some tips for you.

Your profile picture will tell a lot about you. There is no rule of choosing the "right" picture but ask yourself:

Is it compatible to the environment I am looking for or no? And then choose accordingly.

Ask your previous managers and coworkers to write what they liked about you as a “recommendation” in your profile. This will increase its value.

If you have a personal business as well as a job, create a separate profile for each. Hiring managers avoid hiring people having their own business, "Conflict of interest".

You do not need to detail everything in your profile. Details your current job and highlight your skills and experience. You can state what you are looking for as well.

Be selective, choose the environments you like and then get connected to the people working in the same environments. It is very helpful to get some referrals within the company you want.

Check my old posts for more tips, and If you think I can help you getting what you want, stay connected or follow me for more!

I cannot promise you a job but I can promise to help and show you the way!

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