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I had an interview with a robot! Guess what? He did not hire me!

It sounds funny right! Honestly this is what normally happens in most of the interviews!

The candidates sit, receive questions and then leave!

I had a phone session with someone who asked me this:

“How to stand out in the interview?”

Most of the candidates forget in somehow these interviewers are human too!

They have bad days, family issues and problems with their managers as well.

The best way to start any interaction with anyone is by listening!

People love when you listen to them talking about themselves excitedly.

Get them to open to you by asking good questions about their work and life challenges!

This will build a common ground between you and them therefore they will not feel you are just a candidate; you are a potential friend too

Even if you are not the right fit for the job, they will refer you to different roles in the same company or even outside.

If you say some are not friendly, it is good for you to know they are not good candidates to be your managers! You have the right to choose too! Dahh O_O

Yes this applies on the interviewers too, but you want the job so you got to walk the extra miles.

If you think I can help you with your challenge, contact me or follow for more!

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