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How to manage our fear ?

Man vs Fear!

When we were young, we thought we knew everything!

But when we got to put everything in practice, we found out it was not as easy! As we thought it was.

Life has its way of making us close our mouth and wonder!

Many people are feeling overwhelmed, by the life itself and they used to ask:

What do we do when life does not seem fair? How do we deal with it when it is not what we expected?

Well, what we are passing through is just an exercise of our faith to get us to trust! this is how to form the manhood!

“Experience kills off our weaknesses, and then our fear begins to leave”

We do not know what we have got until all hell breaks loose!

We do not know what we can take until the pressure is applied to our life.

Faith brings us hope, but trust brings us peace and relax when things seems to look bad!

“You can quit if you please, but you have got what it takes!”

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