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For job seekers, do you want to write an attractive resume?

For job seekers, do you want to write an attractive resume?

Many qualified people struggle to find a great job.

Do you know why?!

Let us focus on one reason today.

Recruiters have specific requirements for each job and they have a tremendous amount of resumes therefore they will not spend that much time in each!

Most of the resumes I have seen start with “seeking”and “looking”

But honestly, most of the recruiters they do not care what you are seeking or looking!

They care about what “THEY” are looking for!

Instead of starting your resume saying: “I am seeking to work as ”

Start with defining who you are and what type of experience you have!

For example:

I am a senior network engineer with 10 years of experience in IT infrastructure dealing with complicated systems & projects developing a great experience with customers. My main skills are

These lines stated:

- Years of experience.

- Type of work & environment

- Main skills.

If you are meeting the requirements of job, they are going to check the details! And hopefully calling you for an interview!

So the tip of today is:

Do not waste your time telling them what you are looking for; instead define your experience and skills in one or two effective sentences.

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