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“I got an offer from an IT company. Thank you very much for your guidance”.

I woke up yesterday seeing this message in my inbox, no doubt this made my day! This is my purpose!

How did you do it Surender?

“Searching for a job is not an easy task and we get frustrated when we don't hear back from HR but I took the responsibility and I changed my approach!

As you advised, I was focused, I listed IT companies I am interested in & checked their websites to know the openings.

I got their contact information from LinkedIn and emailed my CV directly to them stating what job I am interested in.

I had more than 13 interviews in a course of two months!

I got three positive feedbacks and one offered me the job".

Here is his advice:

-Apply whenever you have a chance & be patient with your progress.

-Don't stuck with job portals, contact HR directly too. Some of the openings may not be listed yet.

-Prepare well for your telephonic interviews as you do for face interviews.

-If you don't hear any feedback from them within 5-7 days take it as no and move on!

Congratulation Surender, you did the work and you deserve the best.

If you think I can help you with your life challenge, contact me or follow me for more.

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