Mousa Al-Bharna

Life Coach

My name is Mousa Al-Bharna. I am a personal mentor, life coach, and technology service manager.

I help people to achieve their dreams, discover their purpose, and improve their relationships.

I will coach anyone who has a sincere desire to break thru their own fears and limiting beliefs to enjoy their life gifts and make the dreams a reality.


Sit on that rock for a while,

I have been there before. I know it very well!

Take your time, everything you see is there for you!

When you're ready, open your eyes, give me your hand and let us go where you feel alive more!


Mousa ~.

"Mousa is an insightful coach and a very patient listener. A coach to whom a client can open up about their vulnerabilities and pain. Mousa assisted me to feel the pain that was putting me down in order to heal it. He empowered me to re-think rationally and ensure I set the highest standards personally and professionally. He is the best go-to mentor for people from all walks of life."



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