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Everyone, I highly recommend Mousa Al-Bharna as a life coach for any of your life coaching needs. Mousa, is very knowledgeable and gives wise coaching that is relevant. We both connected here on LinkedIn and he opened my understanding further and helped me personally in the improvement of my relationship. Now I am very much excited about discovering and utilizing any other coaching services that Mousa have that are relevant to where I am in my life's journey. Do not hesitate to contact Mousa he is very wise, timely, professional and courteous. Mousa is a keeper. Thank you Mousa


– Michael Johnson


Mousa is a truly genuine and giving person, interested in others and very willing to give his time and energy to help and support. I am honored to be connected and in his circle of influence. I would highly recommend him as a mentor and coach. Reach out and start a conversation today with Mousa.​


– Anthony J James


Great to work with you Mousa! Highly recommended

– Meli Elezi


Mousa is very professional and straight forward. he has an approach that is pragmatical and fits perfectly with my needs and personality. I highly recommend him. Don't hesitate!

– Elisabeth Leston


Mousa is an EXCELLENT person, i felt his way of helping people globally. after 1 hour conversation, I realized that nothing is impossible if you really pursue what you really wanted. In short with his message "If there's a will, there's a way". A bunch of thanks Mousa, SALUTE!

– Cherry Festejo


Mousa is an excellent mentor. He has great insight and understanding. Pays attention to detail and he really listens to his clients. These couple of times I’ve spoken to him, he has given me an overwhelming amount of positive information and constructive criticism. His advice has helped me tremendously. Thank You!

– Christina Camanse


Mousa is a remarkable coach and a wonderful person, approachable, down to earth & great at what he does. Easy to talk to, a great listener & has a way of putting one at ease. I have had the honor & pleasure of speaking to him & would highly recommend him to anyone for coaching & mentoring. I am beyond grateful to Mousa & reaching out was one of the best decisions I've made. Mousa you are absolutely awesome.

– Hajira Akim


Hat’s off for one gifted man who wishes to see people feel happy, fulfilled and and always look life in a better side. I am a living testimony, how he brought back a clear perspective on living my life. I highly recommend him for anybody who got challenges in life to reach him for a new outlook or a version of one’s life.

– Susana Tabbu


Mousa works genuinely from the heart and this is how a coach should be. He offerd me a free session and listened to me carefully and provide me with a mindful exercise to do until I meet him again. Mousa's insights makes sense as he suggested practical solutions for me, most of all I felt fullfilled with the insightful conversation with you Mousa, may God bless you :)​

– Dina Ala'Eddin


Mousa‘s posts speak directly to his audience and this is what drew me to him initially. But after speaking to him I found him to is an incredible listener and he tenders unbiased advise. His talks are uplifting and beneficial to my current circumstances. But above all his philosophy is to help as many people as possible and this is what makes him such a phenomenal couch ... and person​

– Nadine Pillay


I had one consultation session with Mousa. I found that he is a dedicated person and a good listener. He gave me good advice on mastering self confidence and having successful relationships and career in sales. I enjoyed our talk! Thank you Mousa​

– Walid Kamal


Mousa has all the tools to help solve any problem we may have as employees/employers, social communicators, business owners or simply as humans in need of a helping hand. Mousa will help in solving interpersonal issues, family & relationship concerns and help offer options to achieve career goals and enhance the development of a strong positive attitude to face any difficult situation. With relevant experience, successful practical approaches and unbreakable determination to help, Mousa can tailor his services to help solve any issue regardless of the tough situation you may be facing - all in a highly commendable manner and time frame. I recommend Mousa's services to anyone around the globe who wants efficient, effective and reliable coaching regarding their personal, social/relationship, business or academic life. Being extremely professional, patient, understanding and genuinely dedicated to help are only some of Mousa's many positive attributes. Keep up the excellent work Mousa!

– Rayhana Latifi


I found Mr. Mousa Al-Bharma's profile here, as I was curious about life coaching and want to pursue it as a passion, i connected sir. He was kind enough to give his time and explain me about life coaching. He not only told me about how to take life coaching as a career but gave me insight about how life coaching works, how vast is the field and how could I be specific about areas in which I could coach with the help of examples. He also gave me an insight that how life coaching different from personality development and soft skills training. During the over all process he was very patient and humble. I strongly recommend Mr. Mousa as a life coach especially if your an aspirant, having a start ups, trouble with your daily routine and work life. Sir, is an amazing person with a lot of positive energy.​

– Mehjabeen PhD


Mousa is an inspiring person who has been encouraging and mentoring me for a while now. I strongly recommend anybody who needs professional advice to consult him for many reasons. Firstly, he listens, discusses and he motivates you to brainstorm your ideas and goals. Secondly, Mousa has always been punctual and on time. Thirdly, he is realistic and gives you proper advice which is not only cultural sensitive, but also is tailored according to your conditions and circumstances. Finally, he has never discouraged or disrespected me or my ideas. MOUSA I hope you the best. Thank you a lot 👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

– Mays Dannon


Mousa is an insightful coach and a very patient listener. A coach to whom a client can open up about their vulnerabilities and pain. Mousa assisted me to feel the pain that was putting me down in order to heal it. He empowered me to re-think rationally and ensure I set the highest standards personally and professionally. He is the best go-to mentor for people from all walks of life.

– Sakeynay



Mousa is a knowledgeable, gifted coach and mentor. He is a good listener who encourages you to think and express your thoughts freely and then guides you to explore what you don’t know and gather your scattered ideas. If you ever feel you need guidance and assistance through your journey, Mousa will be a huge guide and mentor for you.

Shaden Mohamed



Mousa is responsible, talented and a dedicated professional with the all necessary skills, qualifications and determination to succeed in his chosen profession. He is a content producer extraordinaire! A Wonderful writer. His posts, videos, and words are an inspiration tomany. I highly recommend the work he is doing here on LinkedIn.





Mousa is an excellent coaching, very concerned about the details and to accompany you throughout the trip. I met him by chance, from the other side of the world through this network (Linkedin) and the distance was not a problem so that he could help me in a difficult moment of my working life. Thanks for everything Mousa! I will always be grateful for your guidance, company and drive to help me! 

Magdalena Sofía


Mousa Al Bharna is a natural coach. He is patient, intuitive and wise. He listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface that can hold one back or move one forward. He helped me build the confidence and clarity needed to make progress and unlock my potential.





Mousa is a gifted coach, strategist, and social media influencer. He continually finds ways to innovate and think outside the box, and his successes seem to be a result of action items, discipline, and iterative thinking. He gets IT, sales, leadership, and tech innovations, and seems to always know the right people and tools. Mousa is a great person to know and work it collaborate with. I’m pleased to recommend Mousa!





Mousa Al-Bharna is a high skilled professional passionate about his work , an excellent  communicator, motivator, mentor, life coach, confidential , a source of life wisdom. His approach to an individual is  simplicity, full discretion, thoughtfulness  and respect. Mousa never refuses supporting and helping in all life aspects. He earned appreciation of linkedin community for his friendship, gratitude, humanity, leadership and teamwork skills. 

If you are looking for a job, preparing for interviews, struggle in life Mousa is the right person to connect with  to help you reach your full potential.

MS. Bird




Mousa is an excellent coach. He guided me throughout the job search process. Initially, he spoke only about my personality and do what I’m best at. To be confident about skills that an employer values to hire. Next few sessions Mousa guided with the both the employer and employee point of view. Explained me usual mistakes committed during interviews. I’m very thankful to his time to coach me.




Mousa is a decent counselor, easily reachable. He shows a lot of experience and will shed light to your career. Learned a lot. Excellent counselor. Very positive experience.





Mousa  a very good counselor, endowed with a great capacity of listening  he knows how to explain things with  humor I could find active listening ,practical and precious advices. What I received was so much more than I could have ever expected.

I thank you again warmly for your support and I hope others can benefit from such an approach.





Mousa AL-BHARNA  is an extremely personable, highly energetic career coach. I first engaged with Mousa when I needed preparation for my interview as a fresh graduate . What I received was so much more than I could have ever expected.


I struggled to understand exactly what interviewers were looking for in a candidate. Was I portraying myself well? Did I properly articulate my skills, past internship experience and added value? Struggle no more… Mousa easily and confidently articulated exactly what employers were looking for during the interview process. It was as simple as following a few steps to ensure an exceptional interview process.  


Mousa was invaluable to help me define my goals, chart my course and to provide me with a lot of precious advices that I could use every day to remain focused on what I wanted to achieve.I still refer to my notes and I still bring to mind sessions I had with Mousa. Finding myself saying “What would Mousa tell me…” is a common occurrence but with Mousa's help, I now can figure out the answers.

I HIGHLY recommend Mousa– you will NEVER regret it.


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