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Who knows himself has already achieved himself~.

"When we depend on people to build us up they will have the same power to break us down".

How much we make...

How many followers we have..

How popular and famous we are....

All of these will never validate who we really are!

"Identity - based on Popularity" will not always bring us peace.

Behind many "Influencers' profiles" sad faces, fake vibes and depressed souls! This is the reality~.

We do not need to have fame, followers and money to know our worth!

"You are what you are regardless of others".

We have to know who we are and then we can climb to the status~.

Knowing our purpose and worth gives us a true meaning to our life and gives us the passion to give without expectations! "Peace begins when expectation ends".

"When we are our most authentic self, the competition is irrelevant". Purpose over Popularity~

Something to think about~.

Video Credit: 동물농장x애니멀봐

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