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Whenever you are confused, it means you are about to learn something new!

“It’s OK to be confused.

Confusion is the route to all the clarity in the world.” - Shah R.

Sometimes life doesn't make sense & the universe is under no obligation to explain.

But! "What happened, happened and could not have happened any other way"!

Nothing happens by chance even if it sounds dramatic! The universe has a divine plan~.

Many people struggle to accept this fact therefore they suffer.

Your heart knows things your minds can't explain & you will never find peace until you bring them back together.

You are not supposed to understand the first time you try.

It is OK to fail!

Failure is your chance to start again wiser than before.

Take your time~.

Most people pressure themselves into something, deep down they are not ready for or do not want.

Because they are driven by their fears.

Many of people's problems are because they say Yes faster than saying No!

"Do not say Maybe if you want to say No".

Nothing makes you more vulnerable than your refusal to be who you really are! Do not worry about what others might think you should do!

What suits them might not suit you as everyone has their own journey & path.

Nature is the art of god & it is pleased with simplicity!

Whenever you are confused, “Let the water settle! And you will see the moon & the stars mirrored in your own being.” Rumi

Take your time~.

Video: Deeedaaa87.

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