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The key of success

The secret behind any personal or professional success is the right knowledge.

Each area of our life requires certain skills and information.

Sometimes there are some knowledge gaps in some areas of our life that need to be filled in order to speed up the process of success!

The universe is a great, silent friend!!

He helps us by giving the chances to learn what is needed ourselves, by putting some hints in our way here and there and hoping we figure things out!

Some of us might not be very eager to learn what is needed! And some of us may be unaware of the existence of this knowledge gap at all. That is why we may miss these hints.

So we take a long time to learn.

Until our friend (The universe) pushes us through some hard times to force us to learn, but this time with pain! Which what we call it "experience".

Then we wake up and do what is necessary.

That is why our hard times often lead to the greatest moments of our life -- because we tend to work properly and learn effectively!

Life is full of hints; we just need to recognize them to pass our life exams successfully *_^

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