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She said YES!

She could not resist to say Yes to what she thought "her dream job"!

A month later she resigned!

Her answer to me was: It is a nightmare!

What you love doing today might become boring or it will not be as expected once we experience it.

Dream jobs could be a potential nightmare!

People can hide who they really are as well.

We can see everything as it is when the infatuation stage wears off~

People make decisions based on emotions and then use logic and reasons to justify~.

Many of people's problems are because they say Yes faster than saying No!

They pressure themselves into something deep down they know they don't want!

"Do not say Maybe if you want to say No".

Whether you are happy now or sad, nothing is going to stay the same forever!

Life is a change~.

Every person needs to have a compelling vision and mission to get up early morning excitedly looking forward to it.

I saw birds were singing the whole day, they don't care who is listening.

They sing because “They want to“!

Until you get comfortable with knowing why you want what you want. You will never know if you are choosing something out of love or neediness.

Don't you agree?

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