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One day a king decided to prevent women from wearing gold!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Most of women did not accept that therefore they refused to obey, and began to grumble, indignation and protest!

In addition to that, women exaggerated wearing gold and ornaments and jewels.

The king went astray! And ordered an immediate meeting with his advisers!

Few suggested reversing the decision for the public interest. But others said: No! This will indicate a weakness and fear!

The king asked to bring old wise man from the city and he asked for his advise.

The wise man said: People will not listen to you if you think what you want, not what they want!

The king said: you mean I should go back? The wise man: No, but issue an amendment to the decision!

Just announce: Beautiful women are prevented from wearing gold ornaments because they are beautiful and they don't need to beautify! But ugly women can wear gold to cover their ugliness!

Few hours later, all women took off all gold ornaments because each one saw herself as beautiful!

Moral of story~

Customers do not care about your solution. They care about their problem!

People will listen to you when you think about their minds and realized their interests.

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