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Five Steps To Get Someone To Open Up To You!

Love is about so much more than feelings. It is about mutual appreciation & admiration. It does not require something in return.

The purpose of all relationships is to go there to give, to meet each other's needs, to share completeness and create beautiful memories!

Therefore, a healthy relationship does not drag you down; it inspires you to be better. In a healthy environment, people place a high value on keeping the relationship and are willing to communicate; listen, and understand each other to work things out in a calm and loving way. Therefor people are always motivated to share their thoughts & feelings freely as they feel valued, heard and appreciated. How to get people to be who they really are and speak what they feel? First: Choose the right time! Give them the needed space so that they can connect with themselves. You can’t make anyone feel secure around you. Either they trust you and will open to you, or they won’t.