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Better to be alone than in bad company.

When a relationship starts, people tend to focus on what they like in each other but when infatuation stage wears off, people start to see the person for who they really are.

Then when a relationship ends, they tend to focus on what they do not like in each other~.

It’s not that we miss the person we used to be in a relationship with, but that we miss the fantasy of who we thought they were.

Breakups often feel like the end, because our identity is totally wrapped up in what we have lost.

We are no longer able to recognize who we really are.

People get into relationships without knowing exactly what they are looking for!

It just happened!

No wonder why there are many broken or unhealthy relationships.

It cost me years of pain, studying myself & human nature to finally figure out who I am & what I am looking for.

Yes it’s never easy to end a relationship with someone once you realize that it has run its course or you simply do not share the same goals and values...

Most people tend to stay in unhappy and unfulfilling relationships long after they realize that they need to end them because of fear..

- Fear of the future..

- Fear they won’t find someone better or

- Fear that the next person will be worse.

It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.

"Wouldn’t you much rather spend your senior years looking back upon your life with gratitude instead of regret that you never tried to reach your full potential?”

What people say they want & what they naturally respond to are totally two different things.~

Until you get comfortable with knowing why you want what you want.

You will never know if you are choosing something out of love or neediness.

Before you jump into a new relationship...

Before you are defined by someone else, define who you are first.

Save yourself time & pain by enjoying your own company.

Video Credit: EarthFocus

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