My name is Mousa Al-Bharna. I am a personal mentor, life coach, and technology service manager.​ I help people to achieve their dreams, discover their purpose, and improve their relationships.

I will coach anyone who has a sincere desire to break thru their own fears and limiting beliefs to enjoy their life gifts and make the dreams a reality.

I started like most people with very humble beginnings. I did not know what I wanted therefore the waves were taking me sometimes right, sometimes left as it desired! I know what it feels when you are lost in the middle of ocean~


Behind every great athlete, entrepreneur, executive, etc. is a great coach. I have learned from the best teachers, and coaches in the world. People like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Corey Wayne, Zig Ziglar and some philosophers ( Laozi - Rumi - Imam Ali).

I have learned over my 36 years on this planet how to get the best out of myself first. I came across different professional environments and several businesses that led to form a productive mindset and strong skills.

Having a peaceful mindset is nice and I am grateful for all I have, but for me, teaching, coaching, and helping others get what they want fulfills me like nothing else I have ever done.

I have actually done and experienced the things I teach others how to do. As a wise coach once taught me, before you can teach, you must know.

No matter where you are in your life right now, or what challenges you may have, I promise you, There is always a way out and there is a solution.​ Life is all about our relationships to everyone and everything in this world. It is a matter of learning the secrets of success and how to have a balanced life.

I started this website and my social media to offer my genuine help and to expand my message to the whole world “Go where you feel alive more”.


When you're ready, open your eyes, give me your hand and let us go where you feel alive more!

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